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Many clients have questions about anesthesia. We make every effort to minimize the risks of anesthesia by performing a thorough physical exam and encouraging blood work prior to anesthesia. We use the most modern equipment to monitor patients during all anesthetic procedures with the use of pulse oximetry, EKG, audible respiratory monitor and blood pressure monitoring every 60 seconds. Cats and dogs that are to be anesthetized for planned surgical or diagnostic procedures should not have any food after 8 pm the night before and water should be taken away first thing in the morning.


Laboratory testing is critically important to the management of ill and injured patients as well as routine, geriatric and pre-anesthetic evaluations. Because prompt results are extremely beneficial, sophisticated equipment is maintained on the premises. Complete Blood Counts, chemistry profiles, electrolytes, canine heartworm and Tickborne disease screening as well as Feline Leukemia and FIV tests are run routinely. More specialized testing such as histopathology or biopsies are sent to an outside laboratory.

Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings have become one of the most common procedures performed. It is enormously important to the health of our patients-dental infections are painful, and associated bacterial infection may spread to internal organs such as the heart and kidneys. Dental Prophylaxis and extractions are performed under general anesthesia.

A routine dental cleaning includes scaling with an ultrasonic device, application of a revealing stain to identify residual tartar-which is subsequently removed and polishing to leave a smooth non-adherent surface.

Dental cleaning.

Dental Erosion

Dental erosion in the tooth of a dog.


Radiographs, commonly referred to as X-rays, are an extremely useful diagnostic tool. With this tool, we can look into the body. Broken bones, pneumonia, heart disease, intestinal obstructions and cancer are some of the diseases that are commonly diagnosed with radiographs.

Dog that ingested Gorilla Glue. Glue is in the stomach.

Severe hip dysplasia.

Glue ball that was surgically removed from the abdomen of a lab.

Stones in the stomach of a labrador.


A comprehensive pharmacy is maintained on the premises for client convenience, with a complete inventory of canine and feline heartworm preventatives, flea and tick control products and prescription medications. Medication is kept in a dry and temperature controlled environment. Only high quality medicinals from reputable manufacturers and distributors are stocked. All prescription refill requests are reviewed at no additional fee by a doctor to ensure safe administration.

Pain Management

Our pets feel pain and discomfort under much the same circumstances as people. Arthritis, injury, disease and surgery can all require special attention. We offer many types of pain management tailored to your pet's particular needs.


Homeagain microchipping offers a safe and reliable permanent identification for all companion animals. Even with the best supervision pets may be lost. Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. This routine procedure is performed quickly, and may be done in an office appointment or when anesthetic procedures are performed.

Wisdom Panel

We are excited to now offer Wisdom Panel, a blood test that detects which breeds are in your dog's family history. Wisdom Panel will perform a complex genetic analysis and then provide you with a comprehensive, customized report. This report will include a detailed analysis of breeds detected in your dog and an explanation of which breeds have been detected at the highest level of certainty. Wisdom Panel uses advanced genetic science to detect more than 130 American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized breeds in mixed breed dogs. All this is done with a simple blood sample.


Dr. Dann is both state and federally accredited and can write interstate and international health certificates.

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